Who is the biggest enemy of promise?

This article which appeared in the Times Higher last week makes a convincing case for the title to be awarded to the Secretary of State for Education (England)


On a different note, this week we have seen a number of bizarre attacks on comprehensive schools from Michael Gove’s accomplice Michael Wilshaw. On June 13th the Telegraph and Independent reported Wilshaw as saying that star comprehensives are failing the most able pupils and that teachers didn’t even know their names



This claim doesn’t quite fit with a  report in the Observer on Saturday 15th June which says that two separate studies indicate that pupils from state comprehensive schools do better at university than pupils from private schools


Perhaps the most bizarre comment from Mr Wilshaw was his claim that comprehensive schools might be responsible for young people joining the EDL, claiming that youngsters who cant get jobs “are attracted to organisations like the EDL.” While it may be true that the EDL may well attract the disaffected it is a big leap to blame schools, particularly when youth unemployment is at an all time high because the jobs simply aren’t there. You can read the full article here:


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