Put up and shut the fuck up


Day after day after day.
Abusive messages, rape threats, threats of violence or death.
Sexist remarks, cat calling, insults shouted out of car windows, ‘compliments’ shouted in the street.
Sexually explicit comments and suggestions in pubs, in bars, in cafes, in clubs, at gigs, in the street.

Women are battling all the time to cope with it. To cope with the fear, the dread, the anxiety and panic it causes us. Trying not to internalise the insults, to remain calm & not blame ourselves. To not believe what they say, to convince ourselves that it’s not true, that no one is really coming for us, no one would do that. Would they?
But they do.
We are stalked, verbally abused, beaten, smacked, punched, slapped. We are harassed, groped, pushed, pulled, cornered.

Women are so tired. Tired of putting up with this. Tired of ignoring it, minimising it, laughing it off…

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