Mr Gove, Stop it!

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So much for our determination to remain positive in adversity! When Mr Gove speaks so dismissively and disrespectfully of people who’ve spent years and years in education, then a response is required. The people that Mr Gove has chosen to criticise today have spent a lifetime in education thinking carefully about the needs of children and young people, assimilating their own learning and practice based on strong EVIDENCE.

In today’s Daily Telegraph over 120 renowned professionals have written a letter to highlight their concern about the lack of educative play in the new National Curriculum. They reiterate the fact that in Scandinavia children don’t start formal learning until 6 or 7, and that the focus on play and on social and emotional learning enhances their “academic success” in subsequent years as opposed to it being detrimental to their learning and progress.

Mr Gove’s response to this? The “so-called experts…

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