Free Schools in a Digital Age

3D Eye

Continuing with the Free School theme this week, there would appear to be three common reasons why someone would want to open a new school that’s publicly funded and operates alongside existing school provision even where there are already sufficient school places in the area:

1) You think you can do what schools are already doing but YOU can do it a lot better. (A good option for egocentrics and narcissists.)
2) You think schools should go back to the age when teachers all wore university gowns, pupils all learned to speak Latin and Greek, and every pupil achieved the highest academic grades. (Admittedly a fictional age, but no matter.)
3) You think that our existing school provision is based mainly on a 19th Century paradigm of learning and teaching and is failing pupils by focusing almost exclusively on a “standards agenda” that cares for little else besides preparing pupils…

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