History ‘student’ who wrote in support of Michael Gove is really a Tory PR executive

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Telegraph!)

21-year-old graduate of History and Politics Jago Pearson – who wrote in the Daily Telegraph in support of Michael Gove’s assertion about left-wing thinking in universities and schools – forgot to mention in the article that he’s an executive of a Tory PR company.

Media Intelligence Partners is a Conservative PR company run by top Tory spin doctor and die-hard Thatcherite Nick Wood.

Here’s Jago Pearson posing as a History graduate just six months out of university in the Daily Telegraph article:

Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools

And here he is on MIPPR’s own page (click to enlarge):

jago pearson


Oh dear Jago (and Nick). Did you really think nobody would notice?


Considering the amount of major spinning going on by the right-wing press at the moment, anybody could be forgiven for thinking they’re worried the Conservatives are in danger of losing…

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