Gove’s daughter to attend a state school

Don’t be seduced by reports that Michael Gove is to be the first Secretary of State to send his child to a State School. Greycoat Hospital School where his daughter has been offered a place is hardly a typical state maintained secondary school. It is an academy and in common with many academies it is selective, in fact it has returned to its roots because before a brief spell as a comprehensive under the ILEA it was a selective grammar school. Rather than following the same path as the vast majority of Primary School students who will be going to their local non-selective secondary school, Michael Gove’s daughter will be emulating her father who did not (as he claims) attend a comprehensive state school. Like Robert Gordon’s College (he father’s old school) she will be attending an elite, selective school funded by the taxpayer so rather than warranting special attention Michael Gove is no different from Tony Blair and all the other politicians who eschewed their local state comprehensive school.

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