The Daily Mail Book of Fairy Tales: Little Red Joy-Riding Hoodie

Pride's Purge


The Daily Mail Book of Fairy Tales: Red Riding Hoodie


Once upon a time there was a young hoodie who liked nothing better than to joy-ride in stolen cars with her friends and whose family was so militantly left-wing that everyone who knew her used to call her Little Red Riding Hoodie.

One day, Little Red Riding Hoodie’s unemployed single mother said to her, “Take this basket of luxury goodies I’ve bought with the massive benefits handout I’ve just received, to your grandma’s 5-bedroom council house funded by hard-working taxpayers.

But why can’t one of my seven half-brothers or sisters, all born to a different father, do it?” Little Red Riding Hoodie complained.

Because they’re all out begging for me and your step-dad’s beer money, like you would be if you weren’t such an example of Britain’s lazy youth!” her mother scolded her…

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