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There’s plenty of misunderstanding and misinformation about Singapore’s approaches to education, and about its drive to improve learning and teaching within a system that has long been regarded as highly successful.

Singapore’s system of education was mentioned in Michael Gove’s ‘interview’ at the London Festival of Education, where he was clearly trying to point to Singapore’s great education success story as an example of ‘traditional’, exams-oriented, rote-learning success. The problem with this is that it’s untrue. As Prof Guy Claxton later tweeted, the Singapore Mr Gove was referring to is the Singapore of 15 years ago. Things have moved on. Such ignorance on the part of a secretary of state for education was inexcusable. Surely he had teams of experts to brief him on these sorts of subjects?

Unfortunately it’s not just Mr Gove who lacks understanding, who needs to sort out his ‘facts’, who scores an F for both…

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