Ofsted Controversies: What To Do Next?

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It’s been another difficult week for Ofsted.

Ofsted logoThe Guardian/Observer reported an allegation that an Academy “Superhead” knew precisely when Ofsted inspectors were due to inspect her school. This is intolerable, but it’s neither surprising nor the worst accusation ever heard against Ofsted.


Injustice and unfairness on the part of Ofsted are frequently reported, and damaging/inaccurate reports on schools and their staff are far longer-lasting in their effects than letting one head teacher know precisely which day in May the inspection team would be calling. What of the teacher who was given a grade of “inadequate” because an inspector thought her brilliant lesson wasn’t “new” to her pupils – downgraded because he didn’t believe young children could grasp a new mathematical concept so quickly? Or the cases of former “sink schools” that having been forced to change their status to Academies suddenly became “good” schools? Or schools that were downgraded…

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