Blasting the Brain Myths lurking in our classrooms

The human brain is one of the most vastly complex and least understood systems in all of modern science.  Is it any wonder then that so many myths of the brain survive to fill in the gaps in our actual knowledge?  A recent article mentioned in The Guardian debunks some of these neuromyths, and importantly shows how many of them have become accepted truths amongst education professionals:

  • We only use 10% of our brains.
  • Left brainers are logical, Right brainers are creative.
  • Students learn better when taught in their preferred VAK learning style (visual/auditory/kinaesthetic).
  • BrainGym® exercises improve L/R hemisphere integration.

Some of these, such as the 10% myth, are silly and demonstrably false; we use all of our brain most of the time – evolution would never be so wasteful as to create a highly-specialised, energy-burning organ like the brain and allow 90% of it to be useless goo.  Whilst…

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