What’s the problem with a broad education? (Or why Nicky Morgan is wrong)


I wasn’t going to get too heated about UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan’s apparent suggestion that students should ditch the arts humanities in favour of the sciences.

I wasn’t going to rise to the bait of yet another politician seeming to think that education is only about preparing pupils for the workplace, rather than for life as a whole.

But then I spent, as I do every morning, an hour where it was just me and my son waiting until it was time for him to go to school.

And then I realised just how stupid politicians are. In particular, it seems, Nicky Morgan.

What is it with the Conservative Party and putting in charge of education people who tend to hate one of children, teachers or just learning in general – or all three?

Mind you, this is the same party who had as an equalities minister someone voted…

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