Benefits scrounging bear rakes in millions while pretending to be disabled on national TV

Pride's Purge


The Department for Work and Pensions has announced it is launching a campaign to clamp down on benefit fraud by stuffed toys after reports a supposedly disabled teddy bear has been seen openly working for the BBC on national television.

In an undercover operation, DWP investigators revealed the bear – which claims to have visual impairment problems – was raking in over 30 million a year working one day a year on a BBC programme called ‘Children in Need’ while it claimed to be disabled.

The investigation comes after a campaign by the Daily Mail which aimed to encourage its readers to help fight welfare crime by reporting possible cases of benefit fraud.

The newspaper revealed it had received a large number of calls to its ‘benefit cheats’ hotline after readers noticed the cheating bear working on television last night.

In an editorial, the Mail said:

Social security should be a safety net for those in need…

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