There was nothing classist about the Thornberry tweet. But our reaction to it?

A Bit of Class

What’s more classist, tweeting a disapproving picture of a terraced house in Rochester, England flags hanging from the drainpipe, white van parked in a driveway, or associating that image and all of its connotations with an entire class and culture?

I grew up in a council terrace, with, shock horror, one or two white vans parked in the street outside. If there was an international football tournament going on, I would open my blinds to see, in a few but not all houses, flags pinned up in windows or draped down from them, wetly scraping the pebble-dash walls.

Some of those flags stayed up after the football finished. No-one really had an opinion about this. It was mostly assumed by people that their neighbours couldn’t be arsed to borrow the ladder again and go up there and take them down.


My family still live in the house I grew…

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