Wellbeing: Change or Status Quo?

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Three headlines from the BBC Education website – at first glance unrelated but with a possible connection:

First headline: “Children’s mental health service cut”

Second headline: “Parents ‘ignore school league tables’”

Third headline: “Short-term politics ‘damages schools’”

BBC news Jan 9On one level this could be depressing reading (apart from the information that league tables are almost irrelevant for parents).

  1. £50 million cut from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services since 2010 is horrendous in itself. Add to this the fact that only 6% of mental health funding is spent on young people and this becomes an abomination of short-sightedness.

(For more statistics and comments on wellbeing, take a look at our post from June 2014 reporting on Dr Tanya Byron’s address to the Festival of Education at Wellington College).

  1. Parents’ views on education and what is needed for their children are all too frequently ignored. That’s a sad…

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