United We Stand . . . and Move Forward

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Last Saturday we attended the South East Regional TUC Education Conference, which was set up in collaboration with the Anti-Academies Alliance. (http://antiacademies.org.uk/)

SERTUC ED COnfA series of speakers tackled the extensive problems with education at present but also offered some options for change. Change, whilst not always welcomed in every quarter of education, is something that was embraced by those present. We cannot maintain the present inequitable status quo – from school governance to a system of examinations that rewards those who excel at timed tests – not necessarily the most intellectually able or intelligent. (There are other intelligences.)

What was also striking about the conference was the degree of unity – not only the fact that all of the main teaching unions were represented but also unity as to the central purposes of education – it’s not just about standards and examination passes.

“United we stand, divided we fall”…

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