Article for Tribune, 21st February 2015

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When I failed my 11 Plus forty-five years ago, I seem to remember that one of the tests of our childish intelligence involved identifying missing words in sentences by their initial letters. For example: “An A——– designs B——– for C—–”. Which any child of 11 should be able to tell you will read “An Architect designs Buildings for Clients”. A clue as to why I was bound to fail the exam is that I’d still instinctively render that “An Arsehole designs Bollocks for C…” Well, let’s be polite and complete the last word as “Capitalists.”

The truth of my version was brought home to me once more a couple of weeks ago when I gave a talk at the University of East London. This involved me catching the Docklands Light Railway from its most southerly terminus in Lewisham and travelling through the Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf to the…

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