New Research Suggests DfE’s Policy of Summer Born Children Missing Year of School is an ‘Unnatural’ Social Experiment


IMG_5953‘Today’s BBC News, “Delayed school entry linked with poorer results“, which reports on new research titled, ‘Delayed school entry and academic performance: a natural experiment’, not only demonstrates the fundamental problem with using the word “delay” to describe summer born children starting school AT compulsory school age, but crucially, the adverse effect that government summer born policy allowing children to miss a year of their education – against their parents’ wishes – inevitably has.

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The press release accompanying Jaekel et al’s new research begins, “Delaying school entry could cause poorer academic performance” when what the research actually shows is the result of ‘missing a year at the start of school entry‘, The two are very different.

The Journal of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology paper examines German children who – instead of starting school at age 6 – started school at age 7 having missed their whole first year of education; and…

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