Pasi Sahlberg and the Finnish “Truth about Finnish Schools”


On February 23, 2015, I read a post on Facebook attributed to The People LLC, entitled, The Truth about Finnish Schools.

The authors’ analysis is scathing.

I have saved the entire post here.

Here are some excerpts:

Finnish schools only demand the most basic of educational levels to be met (about 4th grade level). After that, you are on your own to finance any real education. It is on the basis of this very basic level that they are scoring so well. Finland’s high scores, then, would not be because they are stretching minds and increasing breadth of knowledge. It is more based on: 

(1) Has the population being tested met the low educational levels that have been set by UNESCO for Education for All?; (link here)

and, (2) does the information collected on students demonstrate that the students’ values and beliefs are reflective of the standards…

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