Test questions for 4 year olds

Reclaiming Schools

The full details of the approved baseline tests for the start of Reception are not yet available, but the suppliers promotional webpages provide samples and videos to show them in operation. Here are some extracts. 

Teacher: Say Parrot without the p’

Teacher: This pencil is short, this pencil is long, this pencil is even….   Pupil: longer

Teacher: Here is a seesaw. Can you say Seesaw? Pupil: Seesaw. Teacher: Say it again but don’t say Saw. Pupil: See

Teacher: Say rub. Pupil: Rub. Teacher: Now tell me the first sound it makes. Pupil: R

Teacher: Can you tell me a word that rhymes with ‘cap’… Now say another word that begins with the same sound as shell…

Teacher: Which of these says ‘ar’ as in ‘park’ [Screen shows four two-letter sounds]

Teacher: What sounds are in the word net? Pupil: n-e-t

Teacher: I am going to sound out a word like…

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