This may not be Cameron’s worst policy – but it’s definitely his stupidest

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Cameron and Clegg’s stupidest policy?

Introducing formal testing and grading in schools for 4 -year olds.

I mean – have any government ministers actually ever spoken to a 4-year old?

When this hairbrained tinfoil hat policy was first proposed in 2013, I wrote about the breathtaking stupidity of it then:

Plans to test 4-year-olds is not the coalition’s worst policy – but it’s their stupidest

And now the policy has actually started being implemented – we have proof from teachers that not only is it a very very very stupid idea – it’s actually endangering the education of our children:

Baseline tests will damage our children’s learning

I’ve got a much better idea than testing 4-year-olds.

Perhaps we should introduce more rigorous, formal testing of prospective government ministers before we allow them to get their hands on our children’s education?


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