The Purpose of Education: An Overdue Conversation

3D Eye

Are we ever going to get education right if we can’t agree on its aims and purposes?

Are the purposes espoused by some diametrically opposed by others? Isn’t there some synergy worth considering that will unite all educators?


Naively sometimes, one assumes that those interested in education are interested in the development of the whole person, the whole child, and yet we still have an education system that concentrates on one aspect, one intelligence – intellect; academic success, elevating its significance to the “be all and end all” of education.

In his most recent book – “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education”, Ken Robinson says

“For many people, it seems “academic” is a synonym for “intelligent” and “academic success” for “educational achievement.” Properly conceived, “academic” has a more limited meaning. It refers to intellectual work that is mainly theoretical or scholarly rather than practical or applied . …

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