Balancing the Scales

Visible Child

scale2I don’t usually do this.  This is not a political blog.  It’s a child development and parenting blog.  But this time, I feel like i have to take this little departure off the main road.  Bear with me.  Or skip it–there’s freedom of choice here. See that little “x” up there in the corner?  Click on it if you want.  I won’t be hurt.

I feel like this needs to be said.  Partially because I’m feeling frequently and strongly misunderstood in conversation.  Partially because I’m feeling frustrated (as ever) by the insistence, so prevalent in our culture these days, that “if you don’t believe x, you must believe the opposite of x”, as if there are no options in the middle.  Partially because it’s something that’s important to me personally, and in this one little area, it seems to be bubbling up in my work with parents with ever greater…

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