Straight Lines


Stick kids and petThe other day, Stick Child was playing with his next-door neighbour, Stick Friend. At first, they were having a great time playing with her pet, ‘Stick Stick Insect’, but soon Stick Child noticed that Stick Friend seemed a bit quieter than usual, so he asked her if anything was wrong.

Stick Friend told Stick Child she felt a bit sad because her teacher had sent home a school report that graded her at level SP3c, when the national average for stick people of her age (8) is level SP3a. The teacher had told Stick Friend that the school would get in trouble if she and her classmates didn’t reach their targets by the end of the year.

Stick Child thought this didn’t make any sense – he supposed that the people who decided on these targets must have never heard of that thing called variation he learnt about in his 

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