Robin Alexander on Ofsted’s new boss

Reclaiming Schools

Michael Wilshaw too progressive? Whatever next!
A few days ago news appeared that the Chief Inspector is so out of favour with the Government that they are not renewing his contract. This is not entirely surprising given his opposition to more grammar schools, his exposé of the government’s apprenticeship initiative, and the frequency with which Ofsted  fail academies and free schools. 
It then emerged that the government are so intent on finding someone in tune with their ideology that they are even searching in the USA.
Wasn’t Ofsted originally set up at arms length from government, to ensure its independence? 
Professor Robin Alexander, director of the Cambridge Primary Review, posted this today on their website  He rightly calls this an ‘indefensible abuse of political power’. 

An ideological step too far

Secretary of State Nicky Morgan is reportedly looking to recruit the next head of Ofsted from the United States.

Even if she were to locate, with…

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