The benefits of diversity 

Every day I take my dog for a walk in my local park. During those walks I meet and talk to people from a diverse range of backgrounds. I meet gay men, lesbian women, people of colour (some of whom were born in the UK and others who have recently arrived.) Also people living in this part of London who have come from different parts of the world (Poland, Russia, China, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Eire, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana..) all of whom have chosen to make there homes in this part of London. Without exception these people contribute to the local and national economy. Sadly many of them may have to leave when the UK exits the European Union. 

In the same park I also meet people who were born in this area (as were their parents) and have lived here all their lives. They come from a range of social backgrounds too and perform a range of jobs that contribute to our economy. Some of them are retired, unemployed or carers but they also form part of the rich, diverse community. Few of them resent the “newcomers” or see them as a threat. Somehow we all seem to manage to get along. This for me is one of the great joys of living in this amazing city and goes a long way towards explaining why an overwhelming percentage of voters in London would prefer to stay in the EU. Brexit will not just make us economically poorer, it will make London a much less enjoyable and interesting place to live.

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